has become one of our favorite resources at TH3RD BRAIN.

The platform empowers artists, labels, and managers by providing free access to thousands of creators. It flourishes by providing hundreds of opportunities to creatives seeking new projects.

Creative Commission is like having a creative division at your disposal whenever you need it.

Unlike many third party agencies, the best part is Creative Commission takes ZERO cut of the budget! Instead, they have a freemium model for creatives to subscribe for $15 a month in order to have access to all briefs on the site.

The company got their start with simple video content, such as lyric videos. It was difficult to find animators to create these videos cost effectively. Creative Commission found animators across the globe eager to work for fair prices.

Today, you can get great lyric videos on the site. We created this one for our artist Thutmose for $600 – it was turned around start to finish in just 48 hours!

Their community across design, video and photography have the same level of gear and equipment as anybody else – these creatives are eager to make their mark and establish new connections by creating quality art.

Finding the right directors and designers can be a challenging process full of trial and error. The meritocratic system Creative Commission has in place easily supplies dozens of proposals for most projects.

The company has executed hundreds of projects and campaigns successfully so if you’re looking for a place to get a bunch of creative ideas for your artist’s next work of art, this could be a great option for you.

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