I had breakfast with Glenne Christiaansen from Snap last week. Glenne works with artists from every genre and corner of the world to educate them how Snapchat can play a role in how they talk to their fans and roll out their releases. I asked her what’s missing right now and she identified a few open lanes in music today.

Even with rap and latin music trends dominating the charts, there are opportunities for truly differentiated acts to peak through and build amazing careers for themselves. I agree with the opportunities Glenne pointed out and thought to share them with you today.

1. Reggae

While I love Chronixx, I agree with Glenne an artist has not emerged and re-birthed reggae in a relevant and mainstream way. One of my favorite ZHU songs features a Jamaican artist by the name of Keznamdi. With a sentiment of urban influence, I truly believe Keznamdi or a similar artist could become the next Akon.

2. Female led or all female alternative rock acts

There are a few, such as CHVRCHES or HAIM respectively. The media and female celebrities are ready to champion female rock acts more than ever. But who are they? As Glenne pointed out, they may not even exist yet. If that is true, it may be great news for the next HAIM cycle.

3. Female DJ’s

Despite emerging acts, such as Alison Wonderland, Rezz, or Mija, or established ones, such as our very own Krewella or Nervo, there are not many, if any, female DJ’s on the mainstages of dance music festivals, and especially not on the more mainstream ones. With the right songs and positioning, one of these acts could explode, or maybe it will be somebody new. Alison and Rezz recently became the highest billed female DJ’s in the history of Coachella.

4. Country, rock acts

Yes, kids these days want 808’s and more electronic sounding music, but there is something truly nostalgic about proper sing-alongs. Chris Stapleton is a truly brilliant artist who bridges the gap and is appearing on Saturday Night Live next week. There seems to be even more demand for acts in this space.

The question is how an artist with a country rock sound can break through to become ubiquitous in today’s world? But that doesn’t mean the next Elvis or Kid Rock isn’t out there. With the right songs and enough starpower, they can catch our attention… It’s all about the songs.

Despite over 30,000 songs being released each week, these genres appear to be open lanes for the right artist to come along and disrupt the industry.

Supposedly, only 18 of the top 100 best performing artists last year were female. This is largely due to the massive hip-hop culture wave that has impacted radio, streaming services, and the industry. There are programs being created by top industry platforms to grow the voices and influence of female artists. Based on under 20% of last year’s top 100 being female artists, these programs are much needed to level the playing field and champion the many amazing female artists that deserve success.

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