The Grammy nominations were in touch with the times this year, but here’s one the community may have missed: Metro Boomin for producer of the year.

His impact on culture was undeniable.

Music Business Worldwide had him #1 on their top songwriters chart for the first half of 2017… over Ed Sheeran.

At one point, Metro Boomin was responsible for producing 10 of the songs on the Hot 100 chart – Yes, 10% of the chart. That is insane and in my opinion deserves to be recognized. The Grammys has never been all about the charts, but in many other categories this year, they did recognize the trend. I believe Metro Boomin was the 2017 producer of the year, and should have been nominated for his dominance.

For the full look into Metro Boomin’s prolific 2017, check out this video by Genius:

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