You may have seen this video across the internet yesterday or this morning – it has 5MM views in under 24 hours and I wouldn’t be surprised if it has 100MM by the end of the week.

If you haven’t watched it yet, you need to take the next five minutes and give your full undivided attention to Halsey’s “A Story Like Mine” speech from the Women’s March rally on Saturday in Washington DC.

Over the weekend, hundreds of thousands of women and men joined together to march in support of women and the values our country stands for, especially equality. While the creativity of the signs on instagram were brilliant, Halsey’s speech digs deep, straight to the core of the movement.

“There’s a war to be won….” and it’s artists like Halsey who share their stories which give voices to those who don’t believe they have one.

And we all have one, even if at times they are unsung.

“It’s 2018, and I’ve realized, that nobody is safe ‘long as she is alive, and every friend that I know has a story like mine.” -Halsey

It’s time to free the stories and free the voices.

With so many allegations and stories coming out every day, the most important thing I think men can do is make every effort to listen with an open mind to fully understand what has been and is happening around us every day – There is a grossly apparent underlying issue in this world that doesn’t lean in favor of women.

As men, we get to take the time to carefully reflect in order to display that understanding as we work toward creating a new normal together.

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