When going through the analytics of Art of a Manager, the most successful post to date was the one about Creative Commission, which means there is great desire here in the AoaM community to learn about tools and resources which help create content and market artists.

Therefore, I will be dedicating every Tuesday to sharing a tool or resource we use at TH3RD BRAIN to create moments and grow our artists’ careers.

The first one I am going to share with you today is SocialRank.

SocialRank enables you to easily identify the most important followers on your artist’s instagram and twitter accounts.

This is very valuable as we have found it much easier to create content and pursue opportunities with celebrities and influencers who are already fans of our artists.

Using SocialRank, we have been able to identify and build relationships with a number of high profile individuals and valuable content creators we may have never heard of, thought of, or had access to build with.

For example, using SocialRank, we found out Sasha Samsanova (critically acclaimed photographer and video director) was a fan of our artist Gallant, and now they are frequent collaborators. Sasha directed and starred in the music video for Talking to Myself off Gallant’s Grammy nominated debut album Ology.

Once SocialRank identifies the individuals, the artist can direct message them or we as their managers can reach out to their representative to begin creating together.

SocialRank also allows you to easily track the growth rate of any instagram or twitter profile in case you want to accurately track your growth or aspire to keep a close eye on your competition.

I have several more great resources lined up for subsequent Tuesdays and would love to get the AoaM community’s suggestions on their favorite tools they use on the regular. Feel free to comment on the post so we can share with each other!

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January 30, 2018 8:38 pm

Social Rank has changed a lot since I last took a look at it, thanks for sharing!

One tool I really like from a data reporting perspective is Next Big Sound (nextbigsound.com). NBS is a data aggregator that allows artists to monitor and benchmark their growth across all their social channels on one page. Creating an artist’s profile is as easy as copy/pasting their social media links into the interface and waiting for their data profile to populate. The site is great for providing a high level overview of any artist’s metric growth and observing changes in their engagement/reach from week to week. The data doesn’t get particularly granular, but it can show things such as which social channel the artist’s content performed best on for that week, which cities/countries the artist received the most Twitter mentions, a rank of the artist’s most viewed youtube/vevo videos for that week, and so on…

All NBS artist profiles are publicly accessible to any user. So as a manager, part of the value I’ve found in this tool is also looking for any trends or commonalities in the data of successful artists that might help me shape a better digital strategy for my own artists. In that respect, it’s an interesting tool for benchmarking and comparing/contrasting data.

The artists I’ve recommended NBS to seem to find it helpful to create their data page and then sign up for automated emails through the platform so they receive a weekly or monthly change report in their inbox. The platform was recently acquired by Pandora, so hoping they continue to expand on the platform and build out some new reporting features in the near future.

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