My parents for raising me with the values of integrity, education, and confidence. For instilling the belief I can do whatever my heart desires. For putting up with my bizarre teenage years when I thought I was already an adult and letting my inner entrepreneur run free since the age of 13. For giving me the opportunity to fail and trusting that I would find success… eventually. And for not disowning me when I told them I was becoming a rapper.

My siblings for letting me lead the way as the first child and dealing with my insensitivities at times to the fact there is more to life outside of work. For committing to what you dream and inspiring me just as much as I do you. For always expecting greatness from me. For rejoicing and being proud of my success as if it was your own. Your wins feel like my wins too!

My fiancé, my partner, the love of my life Rachel Springate. My Rock. I have never connected with anybody so deeply or felt so supported by one person (other than my parents). Waking up next to you and your beautiful heart every day is a dream. When I was a boy, I used to dream of what it would be like to fall in love. You shatter those dreams to pieces as your love is superior to any fantasy. For your understanding, unconditional inspiration and support, and for always being a creative Muse (see what I did there). For teaching me the power of partnership and vulnerability as we share our journey together. I couldn’t be more ready for the next phase.

The artists who touch my soul bless me every day with the opportunity to play a small role in their emerging careers – WOW! For some of you, I believed in you before I ever wanted to be a manger. You were just too damn talented. Your work ethic and pursuit of growth has a profound impact. You led me to my dream by living yours. You are so brave in always sharing your talent with the world and giving everything you have to your craft. You are worth dedicating a career to. You are the lifeblood which creates friendship – when I don’t make time for my friends because I am with you, working for you, or thinking about you, your art pulls me through every life experience possible. We’re living a story which will be written in books one day. You inspire me to wake up today better than I was yesterday and always give my best as I witness your greatness every day.

My team at 3B. For your trust that there is a better way as we create it together.  Building with each of you every day is the greatest mission I have ever been on. Your individual passion, brilliance, and creativity inspires our industry to set a new bar of excellence as we continue to raise its definition. Our collective vision and execution is always greater than the sum of its parts – We make each other better. We push one another to risk, fail, and be comfortable with it. It’s only in failure we can recognize success. Without failure, there could not be success as success would just be the norm… Instead, we embrace failure, and use it as the fuel to push each other to greater heights. It is the utmost honor to get to create together with the most gifted individuals in the world as we expose their talent in a way that inspires others across the globe to believe miracles can happen… And if they can happen, they can happen to any one of us, even you.

My best friends Jared Levi and Jon Stein. Jared, you were my brother from day one. When I ran away from home, you found me. For a couple years, you made my happiness a priority as if it was your own. You were my friend when I didn’t have one. You are my longest standing friendship and it is because you care so damn much. Every year, you call me at midnight on my birthday like clockwork. Jon, we have so many of the same values. Building with you feels like a movie. The amount of opportunity which has come into my life because of you is astonishing. Pretty much all the great things that have happened in my 20’s are a result of our connection and your introductions to amazing people and experiences (including Rachel). Thank you for putting up with me during the Burbetto days — You taught me how to view the internet as my oyster. You will both be the uncles of my future children and I love you both dearly.

My network. Without your support, I wouldn’t be here. You tell me I can or I can’t and whether you are right or not, you propel the growth necessary to create achievement. You bless with opportunity, love, and spontaneity every life needs.  We share moments together… Moments that will last much longer than 29 years.

Happy birthday to me!

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February 21, 2018 11:34 pm

Happy birthday Mr. Udell.
Thank you for everything you do for this industry and for inspiring all the young punks out here.

29 & on fire. What a ride.


– Gabe

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