Hip-Hop is currently best set-up to take advantage of the current social era driving the charts. There are significantly more influential leaders committed to building social audiences in hip-hop than other genres.

Either the fans are more passionate about the culture and creating platforms to expose it or hip-hop content is more viral than other genres or both.

Regardless, these influencers continue to evolve and find ways to translate their audience across a variety of platforms and are winning the highly potent instagram, facebook, and youtube game which is breaking records, while fueling the growth of hip-hop and its cultural dominance.

No Jumper on YouTube, WorldStar as a standalone site, in addition to their immense presence on other platforms, Daquan on Instagram, and loud influencers such as Supreme Patty, Fatboy SSE, and Boonk Gang drive significant attention to the genre.

Co-signs are essential to credibility and breaking recording artists in any genre, especially in rap. Rappers have alliances and crews which endorse and amplify their releases across social media, which happens less frequently in other genres. This entertaining movement is fueled through rap’s modern day rockstar lifestyle. Hip-hop artists tell great stories like Towkio did today with his album release from outer space.

Furthermore, rappers give the fans what they want by compressing release cycles and releasing more music than any other genre – In today’s world, quality is perception and quantity is for certain. If you want to grow your fanbase, releasing more music is a great place to start.

I am a big believer of collaborating with emerging media platforms and influencers like the ones listed above to build artists’ social followings as we have done effectively many times with UPROXX, Buzzfeed, and pages you may have never heard of, such as WhatWeSeee or the Africa Archive. 

What are your favorite emerging media trends and companies right now in the space?

I love this Forbes piece from a few weeks ago on Cole Bennett and the way him and his team are growing their burgeoning Lyrical Lemonade empire.


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