One thing all of our Presidents have had in common is they believed they could become President of the United States. They saw the possibility.

I have written before that “busy” is an awful word. That post had many responses, so I am elaborating on it today.

Somebody you aspire to build with asks to meet with you at a specific time at which you already have an obligation you can’t move. How do you respond?

Do you say, “I can’t because…” or “I can if…”?

“I can’t because…” comes from a place of limitation, whereas “I can if…” is rooted in possibility. “I can’t” usually has an excuse tied to it, whereas “I can” produces a window of opportunity.

I believe in the power of no. You don’t always have to say yes. But if you want to make something happen, try coming from a place of possibility as opposed to limitation:

“I can if we did it earlier in the day.” vs. “I can’t because I have a meeting I can’t move.”

“I can if we do it over the phone.” vs. “I don’t have time to meet in person this week.”

“I can get it done for you by 5 PM tomorrow.” vs. “I can’t today. I am slammed.”

“I can if you can do another day. I want to give our time the attention it deserves.” vs. “That time doesn’t work for me.”

These may be one off examples, but when added up over time, these simple changes can be the shift between having an open or closed personality, which could be the difference in opportunities arising in your future.

Who knows? Maybe this small switch will lead you to the highest position in our land 😉
Think from a place of possibility! You will feel better coming from “can” than “can’t” and others like it better too!

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