Last week in yoga this song was played and I had an immediate emotional connection. My memory endlessly searched to recall where I knew it from. I just remembered a voice narrating to it, but couldn’t remember whose voice or why the song was important to me.

And then, I remembered. The narrating voice was Justin Blau, and this perfect meditation song by Stars of the Lid served as the incredible backing track to the introduction of our Back to New Gives Back to PoP (Pencils of Promise) campaign.



It was an honor to work with Justin, CRÜZ, and Ross Festenstein over five years ago now to support 3LAU and his fanbase on building their first school with PoP in Guatemala.

As many of you know, it’s my dream to create together in ways which drive impact by pushing others to accomplish their dreams – Education of all types is the vehicle to inspiring others, especially children, as to what is possible.

Kudos to Justin on carrying out his work with Pencils of Promise over the years – His fanbase has continued to rally with him and their fourth donated school is under construction now. Special thanks to Stars of the Lid for creating an arrangement which recalls such a positive memory. I want to work on more campaigns like this and get to figure out how to make it happen! All ideas welcome.

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