Tech companies live or die based on how well received their next product or service is. Tech companies know this, but other industries don’t evolve as fast, and sometimes forget how important it is to be ahead of the curve.

The principles of tech have a more magnified result when adopted in other industries, such as music.

Here are three simple steps you can take to ensure your organization is thinking like a tech company –

1. Always Look Ahead

Tech companies are always thinking how to achieve scale. This requires a grand vision – a step by step from inception to execution.

“An air sack in a shoe?!” – This brilliant idea for the Air Max almost got Tinker Hatfield fired from Nike. After its success, Tinker also had the larger-than-life vision for the Jordan brand – He saw a full apparel lines and a global business.

He knew it started with shoes, but he was always thinking ahead. In his own words, “My job is to think of new ideas, new approaches to designing footwear and apparel.”

With a grand vision, you can look forward in time to to see the steps needed to get there.

“You don’t have to be a genius or a visionary or even a college graduate to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream.” -Michael Dell

2. Be Your Best

With technologies as replicable as ever (think instagram rolling out stories to compete with snap), strategy for rollout to market is critical. In tech, there is no room for error.

Ever heard of Taxi Magic? I’m not surprised, but they were the first ride sharing service long before Uber and Lyft. They didn’t execute. In our industry, you may not live or die as fast as Taxi Magic, but in order to elevate your organization you do need to deliver the best product with supreme marketing. Similar to a tech company, you may have to release MVP’s (minimum viable products) to ever demanding fans.

Never settle, don’t be afraid to pivot and refine always!

3. Keep innovating and taking risks!

MySpace? Friendster? They didn’t keep innovating. Great tech companies break what’s not broken yet.

I bet you liked the original version of facebook, but they brought you the newsfeed anyway. They also purchased instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus and more.

Netflix experienced a PR disaster when they separated their DVD and streaming services. But they decided their future, survived, and thrived.

Steve Jobs notoriously saw the future for the Macintosh and bet the company on it. He knew the Lisa’s sales were keeping the company alive “today”, but would lead to the company’s death tomorrow. If Apple didn’t create a more evolved consumer-friendly computer, a competitor would. Steve always had a vision for what the world needed next and rolled out must have products ranging from the iPod, iTunes, MacBook Air, and more.

Even in music, Daniel Ek launched Spotify in Sweden and then expanded to Europe before launching in the US. If Spotify originated in the states, would Daniel have received early adoption from labels here? Or would they have sought to protect the MP3 downloads business, which is now on the verge of extinction only a few short years later?

Luckily, you don’t have to be an engineer to design the life of your dreams. But you have to be willing to break what’s not broken yet.

You get to design your processes and create your own path as if we you were your own tech company!

Understand your grand vision and live your life in a way that aligns to it. Push your growth forward at all time. Take the time to reflect, refine, and pivot if necessary along the way!

Just like technology, our world is always evolving… So when you’re ready to shift your paradigm, it will never be too late.

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