If you don’t have snoozing set-up on your inbox, you are equivalent to a soccer team with no goalie. Snoozing is the ultimate game changer – The hack of all hacks!

The snooze button (sometimes called boomerang) temporarily removes an email chain from your inbox and returns it at a later time of your choosing, whether that’s tomorrow morning, next week, or when you get home. Yes! The email come back to the top of your inbox like clockwork.

If somebody says I will have an important update by a certain date, I snooze the email for that date to ensure it happens. I also snooze emails to stay in touch with important relationships and monitor results at effective intervals.

The two tools I use to snooze effectively are Inbox by Google (free) for mobile and MixMax ($9 / month) for Gmail desktop. They work seamlessly together.

If you are using the standard iPhone Mail app, it’s time to switch to Inbox by Google today. It’s a much superior app and has practically zero learning curve.

If you use Outlook, there are snoozing solutions that exist, but I am not sure which is best. It is definitely worth your time to test a couple to find the one which works for you as this functionality is a lifesaver. If there is one you like, please share in the comments for the AoaM community.

You spend countless hours in your inbox, but how much thought do you give to optimizing the process to communicate most effectively? Having the snooze button at your fingertips is a great first step toward increased email productivity!

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