The fundamental thesis of our company is to create together, which is why I love partnerships like the one we initiated between COLORS Berlin and WeTransfer.

COLORS Berlin reached out over a year ago to feature NoMBe on their budding YouTube series. At first, I viewed the opportunity as a placeholder content moment in our campaign.

However, the more I thought about COLORS and NoMBe’s rocking female band, the more I realized there could be a bigger moment here… But how?

Enter WeTransfer.

Stephen Canfield, their head of partnerships, formerly started Red Bull Sound Select. We had the pleasure of collaborating on Gallant’s Red Bull global commercial campaign.

Back in the fall of 2016, Stephen spoke to our 3B accelerator class NoMBe graduated from.

Now, 18 months later, our mutual passion for COLORS linked us all together to create and support NoMBe’s episode with a bigger spotlight.

In addition to generously funding his band’s trip to Germany, WeTransfer told part of Noah’s story through theirĀ WePresent editorial series. They are showcasing him on their homepage this month in anticipation of his debut album release this Friday!

WeTransfer and their marketing team have creativity and innovation at their core. Their brand vision is clear and brilliantly articulated through the content they create and creators they endorse. These values are shared by COLORS.

The most gratifying part of this activation is these two companies will continue to build off the momentum they created on NoMBe’s episode by collaborating to showcase another artist each month in the same format.

TH3RD BRAIN is not part of the bigger partnership. We are simply happy to connect like-minded people and let them create greatness together. It’s an honor for NoMBe to be the first face of the series.

As it is my mission to provide artists with opportunities to expose their talent in ways which inspires the world, I am personally glad WeTransfer and COLORS will continue to create together by providing other artists with the same opportunity to share their voice.


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