Yesterday, I called Albert Berdellans, the marketing manager for Ultra Music Festival, to congratulate him on the return performance of Swedish House Mafia at his festival this past weekend.

We reveled in how SHM elevated dance music culture to a level no other artist come close to achieving since. Albert called it: 

“the difference between writing a story and writing history”

When breaking an artist, we as managers are often concerned with what “the story” is.

We love to rave about the latest blog premiere, playlist add, or collaboration as if these moments create the story. And sometimes they do.

These avenues lead to discovery, but as far as “the story” (for the fans) is concerned, these wins are only relevant to certain people in our industry.

We (and our artists) need to shift our focus instead to the impact they are making or desire to make that will create history. What do they stand for? What are they doing about it? How does it connect to their artistry? How are they bringing fans along for the ride?

In fact, it’s that impact which inspires blogs, streaming services, and collaborators to support in the first place.

Swedish House Mafia set out to create history from the beginning. Their manager Amy Thomson is a brilliant marketer. She has always created monster moments to bring the group’s fans together for the ride as they create history together.

Having Virgil Abloh – Kanye West collaborator, Off-White founder, and recently named Louis Vuitton creative director – design their latest stage production is the latest example of her genius at work.

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