If you read the subject thinking you were clicking to find out where and how you can get all three, this post is actually to let you know you can’t.

When it comes to execution, you can only get two of the three: good, fast, cheap.

This was one of my first lessons in the music business. I was an artist making records and my producer at the time would always tell me the following –

If you want the record to be good and made fast, it’s not going to be cheap. If you want it made fast and cheaply, it’s not going to be any good. And if you want it made cheap and good, it’s not going to be done fast.
These days, I notice the struggle between these three come up a lot on budget music videos and other creative endeavors.

Recognizing this universal law of “good, fast, cheap” supports effective planning and realistic expectations. While getting all three may be possible in certain rare situations, it is too unlikely to even be considered a viable option.

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