When you’re going through a low period, remember the term “low” only exists in contrast to “high”.

For example, one can only be tall if others are short. If everybody was tall, the word wouldn’t have meaning. Tall would instead be the norm.

As managers, we constantly seek big wins. When those don’t happen every day, any one of us, me included, can find ourselves feeling down. It’s part of life. We as human beings go through emotional swings from time to time. Weathering high’s and low’s is an immense burden and responsibility for entrepreneurs.

The good part is, following these periods where mental fortitude is tested, you always come out stronger. I leave you with this excerpt from the Tao Te Ching, which teaches that life flows the way it does for perfect reason beyond our understanding.

When everyone in the world sees beauty,

Then ugly exists.

When everyone sees good,

Then bad exists.


What is and what is not create each other.

Difficult and easy complement each other.

Tall and short shape each other.

High and low rest on each other.

Voice and tone blend with each other.

First and last follow each other.


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