This week’s Song Sunday is dedicated to the two women who gave me my chance in the music business, Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf. Their desire for creative excellence created a blue ocean during a time when dance music reigned supreme – They were the first widely recognized dance music group of the modern era to incorporate their own vocals.

These past couple years Krewella has catered to their core fanbase, which remains strong as a result of their dedication. As they explore a new sound, they continue to be outspoken on issues important to them, including their desire for equality amongst race and gender.

It’s amazing when an artist can take their views and authentically include them in their art as Krewella does on Bitch of the Year.

They wrote this song earlier this week for International Women’s Day. Nathan Lim produced the video overnight. The rawness of the track (by Cody Tarpley) is matched perfectly with the attitude Jahan and Yasmine deliver, which reflects the thoughts and feelings shared by many of us this year.

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