NoMBe’s debut album – They Might’ve Even Loved Me – was released on Friday.

The opening track “Man Up” was written by Noah over two years ago, yet perfectly captures the zeitgeist of today’s gender equality movement.

In an interview with NPR’s All Things Considered at SXSW, Noah reveals his vulnerabilities and deep sense of responsibility, as well as where these qualities come from (audio linked above).

Moments such as when his mom was put in jail for allegedly kidnapping his brother build character and strengthen the soul. Noah throws his reality into the art he creates.

Of all the news surrounding the album release, it’s the most credible source, NPR, who dug the deepest to unveil the truths behind this work of art.

NoMBe calls the album a call to action for men –

“On the surface, it’s about men having to step their game up with their role in society… It can’t always come from the oppressed person. There has to be some point where ‘the person in charge’ needs to have a change of hearts.”

His own lyrics best represent this message –

I wonder who’s to blame for the world of the present?

Ten bucks say it’s a man far from love and affection

This world was never meant for us

na, na, na it’s for the girls & children first and then men

Boys, man up!

na, na, na it’s for the

girls and children first and then men… last.

Lyrics from Man Up by Noah McBeth aka NoMBe


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