We use the TapeACall app to record certain internal team meetings that take place on our conference line.

Our team is diligent about calling in to these meetings while on the road. Nonetheless, there will always be conflicts so it’s important to have the recording for those absent to reference.

If for any reason I can’t attend, I enjoy listening back to meetings and am grateful TapeACall enables us to record them so easily.

All you have to do is use the app to call the “record” number, and then three way in the conference line or person you want to dial.

I believe team members should listen into important phone calls in real time for learning purposes, but only if their presence can be acknowledged for confidentiality reasons, even if they aren’t going to talk.

The only two times I use TapeACall to record external conversations are when there is an important client call that a key team member cannot be present for or if I am seeking advice from a mentor, specifically about how to write or word an important email – Instead of typing while they speak, I prefer to listen and review after.

This only happens a few times a year. When it does, I ask everybody’s permission on the call to record it.

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