is a mobile app which offers free distribution. Instead of giving up a percentage or paying a flat fee for distribution, it’s literally free.

There are a few reporting and pitching features the app doesn’t have, but other than that, it’s very similar to alternate distribution options. They have distributed thousands of songs already.

So why do they do it for free? uses the data collected on the songs distributed to set triggers which alert the company when songs are successfully reacting at streaming services. Using this information, they reach out to the artist and manager attempting to close licensing deals for those records. There is no obligation to sign with the company. In under 18 months, they have already successfully had a gold and platinum record in Sweden.

While I have doubts about the model, I am fascinated by the extremely innovative approach has taken to provide value to the end user to enable data collection, which can then be turned into a revenue generating opportunity.

It reminds me of the way Kobalt, known for being publishing administration company, brilliantly backed their way into becoming a co-publisher through acquisitions.

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