Back in November 2011, I had just picked up my first music management client, Krewella. In July of that year, Avicii had released Levels. For lack of a better term, it was all the rave.

Being on stage seeing him perform in Australia in the stadium at Sydney Olympic Park at Stereosonic 2012 was one of the most inspiring sets I’ve witnessed – It was the inspiration as to what was possible for dance music.

Tim Bergling’s melodies have always been the best in dance music, and even pop music for that matter.

Out of the five most commercially successful dance songs of all time, I assume Avicii has two or three of them. He could hear toplines better than anybody… He knew what would work.

Dance music struggled to be the voice of culture.  However, acts like Avicii made strong enough songs to dominate everywhere and carry the movement.

It was public knowledge Tim himself struggled… While we don’t know the details of his death, may his passing serve as a reminder to all of us to place our personal and artist’s needs over those of our businesses. It’s shocking to think he was only 28 years old.

We may never hear from Tim again, but his melodies will always stay with us. His sound paved the way for music’s future as he inspired endless amounts of young fans to start producing. His voice will live on through their creations. May he rest in peace.

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