In response to my post last week about Good, Fast, Cheap, I received a response from Alonso Villagomez of the AoaM community stating –

Creatives still have a hard time translating the value of their work to “outsiders.” And “outsiders” have a hard time understanding the hard work that’s involved in creative endeavors.¬†

I couldn’t agree more.

Great creative endeavors are usually time consuming, and therefore, expensive.

Top tier creatives like Sasha Samsanova, who directed the Gallant music video coming out tomorrow, demonstrate their value by building a deep bond with the artist that evolves over time across a number of projects. Creative force Cole Bennett of Lyrical Lemonade is proving immense value of the content he creates by exposing it through a self-owned influential platform.

Many creatives may not be as savvy when it comes to growing their audience. Nonetheless, all of our artists need to be surrounded by great directors, designers, etc. who can bring our artists’ vision for their brand to life.

It’s expensive for creators to be properly incentivized across the long-term of a project, especially for a developing artist.

One idea to make the process easier is to ensure budgets for creative work are planned across an entire cycle (or annual budget), instead of on a case-by-case basis. Planning across the long-term provides a clear understanding of the project’s needs. If things are going well, you can always increase the spend.

It’s important those tasked with creating content on a consistent basis understand how the budget for their services can evolve. If they are given a window into the big picture across a timeline, then they can understand the possibilities and work within any limitations to create the best art possible.

If you’re looking where to begin when creating a budget, feel free to refer to this great blog post by Amber Horsburgh where she breaks down a fan-first budgeting tool and provides the template for you.

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