It’s all about the people…

Many of us have found ourselves in a situation where we decide to work with a company and then our point person is let go or quits.

It can be difficult, especially when the person was doing a great job for the artist’s project, and was the reason we did the deal in the first place.

Once a deal is closed, you will almost always work with one more than one person. It’s important to get to know the company and their team as well as possible before a deal is in place to ensure you have a shared set of values, set clear expectations, and are doing the deal because you love the people, not just one person.

Deal terms can become meaningless if the working relationship is not executed as it was envisioned. Lawyers and managers spend as much time as needed getting deal terms right, but how much time is spent focusing on how the deal will be implemented to maximize its operating potential?

The topic of deal implementation interests me greatly and is supposedly covered by a negotiation communications book everybody is talking about called Never Split the Difference. After multiple word of mouth recommendations (the most powerful sales trigger), I am purchasing it today and look forward to reading it on my upcoming plane rides back and forth from New York over the next week.

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