The future of developing brands is not broadcasting. It is narrowcasting.

I first heard this term in a Bob Lefsetz letter a couple weeks ago –

Broadcasting is passe, just look at TV ratings, you’re narrowcasting.

This is a powerful change in ideology.

Most recording artists want to reach broad, large audiences. In past decades, the way to do so was by getting your message out to as many people as possible.

Many artists and industry executives still believe this is the path to success… But “mass” promotion, especially for developing artists, rarely appeals the masses.

Very few care if an artist is on TV or in a major publication. The ones who care about these looks are already fans of the artist.

Fans hold the power to champion the artist’s music and message by sharing it with friends and anybody who will listen.

The more interesting, engaging, and consistent the flow of music and corresponding story are from the artist, the easier it will be to retain fans and adopt new ones to champion them… But it all starts with narrowcasting.

If you’re an artist, say “yes” to opportunities because you want to do them and because your fans will want to see you do them. 

It may feel as if you’re hitting the same fans over and over at first… And maybe you are… But keeping them entertained is imperative to eventual breakout success. Fans hold the keys – “Narrowcast” to them and they will open doors for you.

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