There is no place for negativity in emails.

If you need to have a difficult conversation with someone to express your feelings, pick up the phone or go meet in person.

The intricacies of the human language which support empathy and connect us with each other are impossible to convey via email.

In these difficult situations, sometimes it helps to write what you want to say, sleep on it, and then decide the next day whether you still feel like sending it or not.

If you need to send a difficult message in writing, be sure to have multiple people review it first. When we are emotional, we are typically the worst judges of our own communication.

When Abraham Lincoln died, there was an entire folder of “hot letters” written in times of emotional rage in his desk. Why were these menacing messages only found when he died? Because he never sent them.

Everyone has a story where they were negative in writing and wish they could take it back. At the very least, they regret it… But often worse, it comes back to bite them.

It’s a small world. Others will remember our words.

Let’s take a page out of President Lincoln’s book and be conscious of the energy we put into the world.

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