It’s not a song this week, but a show.

I’m not sure how many people have heard of or watched this six part documentary series on Netflix. I am by no means an early adopter of Wild Wild Country.

I don’t typically watch TV, but this weekend Rachel and I had rare time to ourselves and decided to dive in…

If you’re unfamiliar, Wild Wild Country is the story of Bhagwan Rajneesh, an Indian guru also known as Osho, and his loyal following known as the Sannyasins – welcome to all races and religions. While in India, Bhagwan was a controversial leader who inspired groupthink mentality around meditation, sex, and eventually, power.

As concern from the Indian government over his teachings began to loom, he sent his secretary to find land for him and his people. Because of our country’s freedom of religion, they set out for the United States, found and purchased an 80,000 acre plot of land in a small town in Oregon – population: 45 – with nothing else within 20 miles of it.

Their mission: to build a utopian society around their principles… Until… Things get… A bit out of control. Thousands flocked to the commune, which attracted national media attention for its radical tendencies. I won’t spoil “the story” of how Osho’s operation grew to the brink of destruction, but the Sannyasins were behind the biggest bioterrorism attack on US soil (poisoning the food of a nearby county until thousands got sick) and became the largest immigration scandal in US history as well.

The series is quite dark, so it’s not for everybody, but will keep you entertained. If you have ever wondered what it might be like to live in a “new” society, then Wild Wild Country awaits.

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