My friends over at Active Theory built an amazing online activation around Tycho’s song “Awake”.

As the song plays you can move your mouse as you encounter digital mountains whose tops begin to fill with snow as the day becomes a sunset and then night. As the song progresses with the visuals, your mouse controls the direction – right and left – as the journey continues forward and happens to you.

This is similar to life. There are certain things you can control. Other times, the journey happens to you. 

As a loyal student of the law of attraction, I believe everything in our lives is a result of our thoughts and corresponding actions. There are always learning experience looking backward, but it’s looking forward which sometimes sheds the most light.

As the song ends on the microsite, the world explodes into the abyss of space as your mouse is left to play with the sky. The lesson: Life is impermanent. We are defined by our missions while we’re here, but one day, we will be gone, and the world will carry on without us.

But today, we are here, and this song represents the journey we as humans share together.

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