This week’s headlines have been filled by Kanye West.

I don’t agree with everything he does or everything he says…┬áBut in the last 15 years, has there been another artist who put out seven or more studio albums of the quality he has while making the cultural impact he has?


It’s Yeezy season.

Artists will be who they will be. Kanye will be who he is. You don’t have to engage, but I challenge you not to… His footprint is big enough where you will recognize his presence these next couple months, even if you choose not to honor him for its greatness.

In addition to the quality of the aforementioned albums, let’s not forget Kanye was the FIRST artist to my knowledge to follow a consistent release schedule of singles with his GOOD Fridays campaign for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Kanye is always the innovator.

His moves, his sounds, his clothes are always adopted by other artists and the public at large, whether they realize it or not.

That’s the Yeezy footprint.

Freedom of speech. Freedom of thought. Freedom to BE great.

Ye vs the people.

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