I am an advocate of managing in teams.

The specialized expertise of each member of TH3RD BRAIN (developed via ourĀ Area of Excellence (AOE) program) is far superior to what I, or any manager, can accomplish on our own.

Any team project is prone to diffusion of responsibility. Simply put, the more people on the project, the less likely a person believes they need to take action.

Whether you’re a Founder & CEO or an entry level assistant, great leaders step beyond this diffusion to create order by accepting complete responsibility. Here are five ways they do that –


  1. They are aware of every step required to make “the whole” complete, as well as who is responsible for each part. If they don’t know, they ask questions to seek a full understanding.
  2. They are their word. They commit to deliver and get it done.
  3. They clearly outline their expectations and hold others accountable.
  4. They are honest and speak their mind with all stakeholders.
  5. They lead through love. They inspire others to fulfill their commitments so the team can thrive and succeed together!

We need to step beyond “doing our part” and not fall into the hole of diffusion of responsibility. You can do this by accepting complete responsibility for your personal and team’s outcomes – it is the only way to achieve greatness beyond our wildest dreams together.

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