I sent out the Best Self Journal as holiday gifts last year.

I am a big fan of writing down daily execution. I plan the day the night before and love using the Best Self Journal for this process.

The journal enables you to plan day by day, week by week across a 13 week period. It provides the blueprint to set 3 critical goals for the entire period with two progress checkpoints to make sure you’re on your way.

The founders won Shopify’s Build a Business and then became the first company to also win Shopify’s Build a BIGGER Business… And there’s a reason. Their product works. The Best Self Journal is the top non-digital tool I’ve found for habit tracking, intention, and reflection.

It may sound simple, but writing things down is imperative to manifesting your dreams. Making big moves begins with a consistent know-how of the next step needed to bring a project to fruition.

There is no better way to keep your goals and action items front of mind than by writing them down.

Students who took handwritten notes have a higher retention rate of information than those who type notes onto their computer according a 2014 study by the Association of Psychological Science. If you want to supercharge your growth, then get a Best Self Journal and start manifesting today!


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