Data is defining the evolution of the music industry. With so much of it everywhere, what really matters?

Here are what I believe to be the most important metrics for an artist and their teams to pay attention to over time:

  • Amount of tickets sold
  • # of streams and monthly listeners
  • Instagram followers and their engagement
  • Number of Google searches!

The last one rarely gets talked about, but is arguably the greatest indicator of general interest surrounding an artist. Google searches can’t be gamed – the world is either interested or they aren’t.

Google Trends is the perfect tool to measure how many searches an artist (or any search term) is receiving this month vs. previous months.Using Google Trends, you can identity whether an artist is on the rise or decline.

The tool offers the convenient ability to compare multiple search terms against each other.

You can measure your own artist(s) vs. others. When the data is in your favor, you can use it with promoters, brands, and other potential partners.

Google Trends doesn’t tell the full story of an artist’s business.

For example, an artist could be crushing it on their search trajectory, but may not be properly set-up to effectively monetize all their potential revenue streams. Vis-versa, an artist could have fallen all the way down from its peak success, but in the process, could have found ways to monetize its core fan base and in doing so, be set up for a successful long-term future.

In case you were curious who gets more Google searches Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, or Drake, now you know. Here’s the results over the past 90 days –

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April 10, 2018 11:13 am

Great stuff here Jake, thank you for the insight! My question is, why do you feel that Instagram metrics specifically are among the most important to give attention to compared to other social channels such as Facebook?

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