Yesterday, my friend Russell Markus let me know how important it was that I shared my update about Grace. In his own words:

“I see us all as these airplanes moving fast. And often times observers and peers see our planes moving forward, but never recognize the turbulence. Turbulence that ALL┬áplanes experience during each trip. So by acknowledging the turbulence, we all those around us to understand that the turbulence is normal and expected.”

I give my “all” too much to truly be at peace with failure, and I’m okay with that – There is solace in knowing I did my absolute best, but it doesn’t completely make-up for the life change. Life isn’t always perfect, and it’s not supposed to be. We need the failures in order to have contextual appreciation for our wins.

Minutes after Russell and I talked, another friend, McKenna Walsh, randomly texted me the latest episode of her Refinery29 series, the Failure Project. In her own words on failure:

“It isn’t something we talk about enough. So when Refinery approached me and said I could making anything I wanted, I got amazing inspirational people to only talk about the things in their lives that failed. [Her mission is] to hopefully give perspective that while LinkedIn, instagram, and facebook paint one picture isn’t necessarily reality. [People] need to stop judging themselves against what is only a very carefully edited part of the story.”

I watched the episode linked above, and while I was unfamiliar with the guest, Shannon Washington, I could relate with her failure story, and am sure many of you will too!


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