Having come up in dance music, my newsfeeds were flooded this week with remembrances of Tim, his contribution to the movement, and inspiring our collective love for it.

As much as his story was publicized or conveyed in hearsay through friends, following his death, I was eager to learn more, which is why I decided to watch True Stories.

It’s quite eerie considering you already know the ending. However, the film is a must watch for artist managers because it gives a firsthand look into the grueling world of being a touring artist.

It’s rare managers get to live the other side, and the documentary provides that perspective.

As managers, we have a responsibility to look out for our artists’ career and their lives as human beings. This is a very fine balance Tim and his team struggled deeply with. The documentary follows that struggle and Tim’s eventual decision to retire from touring.

I have written about touring do’s and don’ts before and the #1 reason I list for when not to tour is when your artist needs to make more music to satisfy demand. However, Tim’s life serves as a reminder #0 is when an artist needs a break to regain their health and balance.

There is nothing more important than knowing what your artist needs. Every person is different and will have different needs. It’s sad Tim’s story came to an ending… But hopefully his story and this documentary can help the rest of us empathize better with our artists and their decisions.

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April 23, 2018 1:38 am

It is a quite difficult to post any comment about Tim at the moment, because nobody, still watching the documentary, can judge the life of him. This feeling that I personally have now, I didn’t feel it since Michael Jackson died, and it is curious that a part of the video is compared to him. One thing is certain: not all are prepared for fame, not everyone can resist the pressure that entails and more now when the industry increasingly asks for more and more. Success can take its toll and unfortunately Tim has happened, there is nothing left to remember as what he always wanted, like the boy who shared his feelings through music. Forever Tim ♥

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