Vulnerability is strength.

Society conditions us to believe vulnerability is a weakness.

Instead of sharing our deepest darkest secrets, fears, and feelings, we often keep them inside, especially when they could hurt another person or make us “look bad”. We don’t want to rock the boat of our relationships because we are afraid of losing them… But what about losing ourselves?

When we don’t share, we result to figuring things out on our own… alone. But the human experience is meant to be a collective one we share together.¬†Silence or sweeping emotions under a rug isn’t conducive to relationships.

In Greek, the word “mask” is “persona”, which is where the English word “personality” is derived from. We put up masks to project and display the image we choose to share with the world. We put on many different masks depending on the circumstances. Masks are automatic responses derived from psychological experiences. Collectively, these masks make up our personality.

Today, let somebody know how you feel. Don’t keep your feelings inside and allow them to fester into another mask… Into another story you tell yourself about “the way it is”.

Thoughts are meant to be shared. When we project thoughts for others onto ourselves, they wear on our mind and tear on our body as they become masks.

The things we are afraid to say are the very words capable of triggering growth. Don’t be afraid to rock the boat. If the relationship is strong, it can handle far more vulnerability than you may be giving it credit for.¬†

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