I saw an instagram post this week I ignorantly didn’t save which had a list of the top headlines from the past couple weeks.

The photo’s mission was to make clear how difficult it is to make the news, which is clouded by Kanye West, Donald Trump, LeBron James, Michelle Wolf, Avicii, etc.

Earlier this week IndieWire.com ran an article in which legendary director Martin Scorsese addressed the word content as he was deservedly honored with the inaugural Robert Osborne Award at the TCM Classic Film Festival.

The story reported that Scorsese said: the word “content” poses a larger problem in the industry, as it groups together different kinds of media that really have no commonalties with each other.

Yes, all media forms are “lumped” together, but expecting the next generation to go to the movie theater as Scorsese advocates as a response to the devaluation of the movie as an art form is equivalent to telling my parents to like Buddy Holly over the Beatles during their teenage years… It’s not going to happen.

While today’s reality may negatively affect certain formats such as feature films, all different formats of content are often competing with each other.

Since it’s so incredibly difficult to break through the noise to become mainstream, what can you do for your artists?

Here are five strategies you can focus on –

    1. Chips and Salsa Cater to your core audience by giving them the chips and salsa before the main dish – The most important thing an artist can do is build their core fanbase. In fact, in many cases, the mainstream is overvalued with fickle fans and short lived careers.
    2. The 3R’s – Deliver Repeated Relevant content in order to Retain fans. It’s easier and cheaper to retain a fan than find a new one – Fanbases are like flowers, if you water them, they will grow themselves.
    3. Content is King – Make sure you have enough of it. The way the fans will perceive content is subjective, but you can control how much you give them.
    4. Context vs. Content – Focus on the context of your content as much as the content itself – The right context can drastically accelerate growth.
    5. Own your future – Own the data and create unique ways to reach fans within your control instead of relying on rented communication avenues from social media platforms or trendy marketing tactics.

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