Yesterday, Instagram rolled out a new Stories integration in collaboration with Spotify.

The integration will allow Spotify users to easily share songs to their story with a deep link, which will drive the viewers directly to the song in the Spotify app.

This news was first shared with me by Matt Stanton, the Senior Strategist of Emerging Media and Technology at Edelman.

Matt thinks this new functionality will increase the standardization of influencer promotion for music releases. It will be VERY interesting to see if Spotify’s backend allows it to track which influencers’ Stories lead to the most plays on Spotify.

He also believes the integration, depending on its functionality, could put the emphasis back on cover arts in a newly profound way, potentially opening up UGC possibilities (similar to the Straight Outta Somewhere campaign a few years ago).

If you try to use the functionality and can’t, you’re not alone… I’ve updated both apps and it’s not available yet for me. It is expected to become available this week.

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