Yesterday, I wrote about home runs, but I didn’t define what a home run is.

Similar to baseball, one home run doesn’t make for a successful month or album cycle (season), and definitely not an entire career.

However, since I didn’t take the time to explain what I meant by “home run”, the brilliant Mike Caren keenly took the time to correct me –

A wise woman told me “there are no more home runs in the music business.” Those were in the 90s and early 2000s. Now its all about hitting a lot of singles, doubles and maybe triples and constantly scoring. Consistency, quality, and momentum.

Few can keep doing it over and over and those are the great artists with great careers. The home runs were great short cuts but went away with a lot of the old gatekeepers and consolidated media. But I do agree that you need to set up the field and prepare for every at bat. Another great quote: “Everyone has the will to win, few have the will to prepare.” – Bobby Knight.

The way I was referring to home runs yesterday is the way Mike describes the importance of getting on base.

Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars are coming off the most successful year of their career – from album stats to touring stadiums to global ubiquity.

It’s worth mentioning, in addition to helping launch their careers, Mike was also the one to point out that it took them 7-8 years to reach that pinnacle. That’s a lot of singles, doubles, triples, and of course, home runs.

Mike specializes in taking artists from the minor leagues to the majors and beyond.

In Lyor Cohen’s YouTube update earlier today, APG’s Youngboy Never Broke Again was on the Artist on the Rise trending tab last year and is now #1 on the YouTube US Top Artists chart.

Baseball is a grind… 162 games a year… You have to give it your all… This quote from Preme via Genius on Drake’s work ethic is the final word –


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