Publishing is a unique business.

Is there another industry where direct competitors can call each other every day and create assets together? Even Lamberg from UMPG told me that.

I first learned about the Music Modernization Act when Jordan Bromley invited me to lunch at Irving Azoff’s office with Congressman Doug Collins over a year ago. Since then, Dina Lapolt and Evan have graciously educated me on why the upcoming vote is such an important moment for songwriters.

The amount of work these industry leaders have put in advocating for reform and rewriting laws which have existed since WWII is beyond admirable. Prior to the Music Modernization Act, our industry was not aligned in our mission at Capitol Hill. Now we are. As many of you know, the House of Representatives unanimously passed the act last month. How rare is it to have prospective new laws where all representatives from both sides agree?

Since the vote was so overwhelming from the House, it is expected the act will pass in the Senate when it comes up for vote this summer. This is one of the only opportunities for our generation to create a more level playing field for those who dedicate their lives to penning the records we love so much.

It’s time for music laws to be brought into the 21st century and hopefully it will happen this summer! The Music Modernization Act isn’t good for everybody and some aspects of it are better than others depending on the stakeholder, but it does benefit the creators on which our industry relies on to create greatness and that’s what is most important.

After writing this post, Dina Lapolt was kind enough to send along this table, which displays the impact across each point of the Music Modernization Act.

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