The dedication, persistence, and vision required to excel at the highest level in sports is identical to the grit necessary to succeed in business.

AoaM community member Kelly Benini wrote these two powerful analogies comparing sports and business on her blog –

In tennis, the game is never won hitting the ball into the middle of the court. 

The greatest tennis players in the world are aiming for the edges. Clipping the white line, possibly overshooting, and aiming for the shot that might not go in.

The greatest matches are won playing to the edges. 

You can fake a lot of daily tasks in your life. Why you were late to a meeting, why the project isn’t done yet, why you haven’t been promoted, and the list goes on…

It is impossible to fake a marathon of 26.2 miles on foot. You need a training plan to get there, discipline to run consistently, mindfulness of nutritional needs, pacing yourself, and mental endurance to ‘go’ when you want to stop.

The training cycle alone is similar to the characteristics you see in high achieving individuals.


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