When I was a recording artist, any “small win” would have me feeling as I had won the world over… Small wins reminded me of the potential for my career.

I just graduated college and was living with my parents – There was nothing more exciting than going home to champion my latest co-sign or accolade.

I remember the first time I told my dad that DJ Khaled was going to host my mixtape – I was ecstatic!

My dad’s response: “Always remember that and $2 will get you on the CTA bus.”

He was bringing me down to earth… And he was right. Forging the path ahead would be even more challenging in order to reach the top.

Brick by brick, small wins build a bigger story… But don’t get carried away with them.

It takes hundreds, and in most cases 1000+ collective wins, for an artist to reach critical mass.

Until them, enjoy the small wins… But keep trucking along as those wins and $2 will get you on the CTA bus… Or in today’s terminology, let you order a Lyft 😉

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