Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of visiting the office of Riot Games, the brilliant video game company behind League of Legends. For reference, 27MM users play League daily and 67MM play each month.

For reference, this is more users than listen to Drake (#1 most monthly listeners in the world) on Spotify.

The music industry can take a cue from the way Riot Games interacts with their fans –¬†They create peak experiences!

For example, when a player named his daughter after a character in the game, one of his friends asked League’s Player Support to send a postcard to congratulate him.

Instead, Riot went out of their way to hand stitch a themed needlepoint and design a mobile for the baby’s crib with all the different variations of the character. Imagine the feeling the company created for the father when he received this package!

Artists have the opportunity to create peaks like this for their fans every day. The Grateful Dead recognized this early on… The results of their fan-focused efforts¬†are apparent: timelessness and immense revenue generation.

The Dead were creating mailing lists before the word mail had any other connotation than physical letters.

As social media maturates, I believe texting is the next wave of opportunity for artists to connect intimately with their core fans and create life-changing experiences with and for them. The early case studies contain mind blowing statistics on the power texting gives to artists and their fans.

We pushed our artists to utilize texting to combat social platforms’ decisions to bottleneck brand messaging in favor of ad revenue.

Little did we know engaging with fans via texting would actually increase engagement on social platforms! Yes, you read that correctly – By texting fans, we are noticing increased engagement, and therefore reach, on social media for those artists.

If you’re looking for extended reading on this topic, feel free to check out The Power of Moments or Everything I Need to Know About Business I Learned from the Grateful Dead. If you’re looking for advice on texting solutions for your artists, you can reply here anytime.

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May 28, 2018 4:05 pm

It can be very difficult to perform these activities for your artists, but if you know how to organize your artist’s time, the interaction that he will generate with his fans is much more personal and connects the main message with those who follow him. In this world full of valences in social networks, it is necessary to be more real with your fans, and text messages are the right way.

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