Have you ever represented an act without a publisher and felt overwhelmed by the multiple registrations needed in order to ensure royalties are properly collected?

This happens to us all the time – It may be too early for an act to enter into an admin or co-pub deal for a variety of reasons, yet the money floating in various revenue streams on copyrights need to be collected for our artists.

The team over at Downtown Music Publishing has a brilliant and innovative solution: Songtrust.

Through a simple sign-up, Songtrust will administer ANY artist’s songs for a $100 one time fee and 15% of the earnings.

In their own words, Songtrust is the world’s largest global royalty collection service and publishing administrator, enabling over 100,000 songwriters to collect music publishing royalties worldwide for almost 1,000,000 copyrights completely online. 

The company has collected over 75MM+royalties to date and is the easiest solution I’ve found for quick administration to ensure our artists are collecting all of their earnings.

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