In a study of children aged 2-4, 95% were found to be “highly creative with curious, questioning minds and an ability for abstract thinking”

However, by age 7, the statistic reversed… 95% no longer displayed this same skill.

Just 5% demonstrated the same high levels of creativity as three to five years before.

Imagine where adults rank on this scale.

As we grow up and learn more about the way society works, we are pushed to conformity.

We create from pre-existing methods. It’s human nature to do things the way they have always been done… But what about doing things differently?

Our God given natural perspective is highly creative. Our young spirits come from a place of open possibility because we didn’t know any better.

You can always tap into that spirit by intentionally choosing to be curious, spontaneous, and fearless in your pursuit of new ideas.

At times in my own career, creative marketing has been an extreme strength. In recent years, with a growing network, it’s become easier to create possibilities from a top down perspective, but the fan is at the end of that equation, not the beginning.

The more connected TH3RD BRAIN becomes, the more I get to simultaneously stay routed in the innovative storytelling and artist positioning which allowed us to breakthrough in the first place.

We always seek to work with artists who share these same values of divergent thinking and are eager to find the third door – Luckily, it comes out tomorrow… More details to come then.

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