I went to Winston House last night for the first time. I’m embarrassed I hadn’t been before considering how good of a friend the founder Corey McGuire is.

Winston House is a very important rising community and venue in LA because its values are rooted in showcasing music and pushing emerging talent.

The Winston House is multi-floor home in Venice perfectly designed to be a music venue. Corey lives there with a few of his staff members and other creatives. He personally crafts the guest list for the show each week from a growing group of music enthusiasts – It’s always a packed house and last night it felt like the go-to spot for the next generation of music leaders.┬áThat was one of Corey’s goals. As a fellow Summiter, he decided to position the Winston House brand for the next generation.

I’m late to the party, but Winston House is the Thursday night place to be in LA. It’s beyond cool, which is why Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber have played there to crowds under 200.

There were so many friends and familiar faces in attendance last night for Emmit Fenn’s acoustic set. I took lots of high quality videos on my phone, but his instagram story linked above best displays how intimate the experience is.

Corey partnered with AirBNB to bring the Winston House experience across the country and just completed his first tour with Vance Joy.

Who knows what Winston House will become? I took a redeye afterwards to Chicago, but am excited to be back at Winston House next weekend for SamJam as we raise money for Inner City Arts together. Hope to see you there! Feel free to hit me for the friends and family link.

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