In a game of chess, who are you?

Are you the pawn that takes two big steps forward and then only takes one step at a time having to change directions only to competitively capture your opponent?

Are you the rook moving forward as far as you like and pivoting in any direction, as long as it’s straight?

Are you the bishop who never moves in a straight line, but only sticks to one of two colors?

Are you the knight jumping over others and then off to the side?

Are you the queen who can move, as long as you are not obstructed by another player?

Are you the king who can move into any space, as long as you’re not in danger of losing or up against a fellow king?

Or are you the board… Taking a non-objective view and complete responsibility for all that goes on in the game… Transforming your world from one of being a mere player to the framework around which your entire life occurs.

You choose.

Or invent new pieces altogether… Like Elon Musk.

“Business is like a multidimensional probabilistic chessboard…┬áMy biggest differentiating skill is I can invent new pieces.” -Elon Musk to Bloomberg in 2011

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