My dad is less enamored with brands than the average person – He doesn’t generally buy things solely because of the brand name.

It costs money to create and maintain a brand.

That money is transferred to the consumer through an increase in cost of the brand’s products aka higher price.

Are brands synonymous with certain levels of quality?

Sometimes. Sometimes not.

In the price of the product, there is the actual price of the product – The more quality, the more it costs. Then, there is the cost of advertising the product aka branding.

Branding is an expensive undertaking.

As humans, we emotionally attach ourselves to brands whether we realize it or not, so the additional cost of branding cost can be a valuable expense undertaken by the brand.

However, from the consumer perspective, this cost is unnecessary unless it’s the emotion of the brand we are chasing, and not the quality of the product itself.

Marketing and distribution are essential elements of the success of any product, but in making purchases, you can choose whether to be emotional or logical when deciding to purchase brand name products.

In the end, good is good, bad is bad. You can slap a product name on top of either, but it will still be the same product.

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