In the next couple years, the music industry will have…

More opportunity

More revenue

More competition for all – artists, labels, managers, etc.

More hurdles to getting discovered by the fans even if there are less hurdles to reaching them – Brand and differentiation will be king.

More desire from the fans for higher quantity of releases… More difficult for artists to keep up.

More artists with large followings you and I have never heard of who generate substantial earnings.

More short projects and albums, almost like capsules.

More crews aka groups of artists pushing and promoting each other. Fans want to hear from the artists and influencers, not from labels or outlets.

More new record labels. It’s easy to start one… It’s easier to generate $100K, as hard to generate $10MM as ever before.

More promotional companies (publicity, social media, etc.) created to take advantage of the influx of marketing funds derived from the increase in recorded music revenue.

More difficult to get artists signing long-term deals, unless their careers are just beginning.

More artist development, even by the major labels… Because it will be the best strategy to combat the above point.

Same number of artists breaking through to become perennial stars.


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