I recently learned Netflix doesn’t pay┬ároyalties on their original content – They only do complete buyouts for all rights.

Furthermore, they never release viewership information to anybody.

If you’re a director or actor, you will never know how many times your movie or TV series was watched or streamed – All you can do is measure the buzz and if successful, hope Netflix comes back with a significant offer for your future work.

In an era where music streaming services bless us with an enormous amount of information, I was shocked to find out Netflix doesn’t share this pertinent information to its creators. Because of their unique buyout structure, Netflix is at times willing to over pay for the content.

Creators and their representatives measure prospective deals with various competing platforms often based on their marketing spend. However, without a slot (such as 7 PM on ABC in 1998), there is no guarantee on viewership.

While there are some benefits to Netflix’s lack of sharing information (such as if a project fails upon release), imagine not being able to get stats on what you’ve worked so hard to create?!

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