Networking is the killer app for success.How do you build a great network?

1. Stay Organized. Stay in Touch.

Keep track of your relationships. What cities are they in? When is the last time you’ve spoken or seen each person? 

Time is your great resource.

If you don’t track these things already, consider this question, would you rather connect and spend time with those who pop into your mind, onto your phone, or into your inbox at any given moment? 

Or would you rather be intentional and purposeful in how you spend your greatest resource?

2. Add value… Without expecting anything ever in return. 

Life works in mysterious ways and your goodwill will come back, but not in the way you think it might, so don’t expect it to.

Adding value can come in an infinite amount of ways – I’ve found genuine acknowledgement to be more powerful than gifting. The important thing is showing you care by making somebody else’s life better. That’s what friends do.

3. Create memorable and meaningful moments 

This is a continuation of #2, make your interactions and experiences with others impactful. Listen. Be thoughtful and generous. Because why not?

4. Connect your network and watch it work

We often unconsciously measure the value of our lives based on the current quality of our closest relationships. If you surround yourself with amazing people, wouldn’t they like to know each other? Go for it and connect them.

They won’t always remember you did, but that’s not what matters. Giving others the gift of connection with each other is the killer app of networking.

While the people closest to you may be the ones dictating your happiness level, they won’t necessarily be the ones responsible for your success. 

According to one of our world’s top network scientists, Ron Burt, the strength of our “weak ties” (our acquaintances and extended network) actually has the most correlation to our success. 

An open network is open to new ideas and possibilities whereas a closed network often hears the same ones over and over.

According to Ron’s study, the key areas of measuring success, such as promotion, compensation, and industry recognition, are directly correlated to the openness of one’s network.

If you do the above four things consistently, you will supercharge your growth and be capable of influencing in any direction. Most importantly, you will be rich in the most valuable currency: social capital.

Lastly, if you’re an experienced networker, and the above feels like pre-school, I challenge you to think about new and innovative ways to truly open and even group certain areas of your network.

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