If you have been dedicated to the music business for several years like I have, it’s challenging to never have disagreements or frays, which can create enemies.

I always strive to create together and design mutually beneficial deals for all parties involved, but in business, this can sometimes be more of a utopia than a reality.

In the process of representing artists as a manager, sometimes we can be pushed into having to execute a decision on behalf of the artist which may not be in the best interest of another stakeholder, such as letting go of a key team member.

People’s true colors show most brightly in how they handle these complicated situations.

Our business is too small and life too short to let a simple miscommunication or unintentionally bad business form permanent strains to the point where you may be uncomfortable seeing somebody at an industry event. I am a big believer in second chances, open communication, and letting the past be the past… So how do you put it behind you?

One way is to clear the air by accepting full responsibility for your role in whatever upset the other person.

From there, you can let them know what you commit to creating with them in the future.

This always works better in-person than over the phone. If in-person is not possible, the phone is better than email.

It has to be authentic and heartfelt to make the difference and create new energy for the future.

Since music can be such a political game, some are willing to cut ties and burn bridges without care for the future.

However, if one thing is for certain, you will see the individual again, and most likely, you will cross paths with them again in business, so for you and your future client’s sake, when things go wrong, put it behind you as fast as possible and make it as easy as possible for the other person to put it behind them too.

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