The results are in…

More teens are on YouTube (85%), instagram (72%), and Snap (69%) than they are on facebook (51%).

When it comes to their favorite platform of choice, more teens chose Snap over any other platform.

Since it took so long for the majors to recognize streaming and bring Spotify to America, YouTube has always had a leg up on being the go-to search engine for music here.

It will be interesting to see how YouTube’s recent campaigning and re-launched music service connect seamlessly to their already existing video platform. Furthermore, will having the most young people on YouTube give their platform a leg up when it comes to music subscriptions. Will growing subscriptions be prioritized at YouTube or are subscriptions merely an option given to the consumer in an effort to appease the music industry?

Regardless, the more competition there is in the streaming space, the more innovation will occur and the more the consumer experience improve as a result.

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